Statement on the Establishment of the Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee (CCIA)

On Monday, 7 June 2021, President Maia Sandu issued a decree providing the legal basis for the establishment of the Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee, henceforth to be known by its acronym in the Romanian language - CCIA ("Comitetul Consultativ Independent Anticoruptie").

The CCIA has as its main purpose to analyze systemic issues of corruption that cut across Moldovan institutions, in the expectation that ways and means to improve anti-corruption efforts will be identified and implemented by the relevant parties. The Committee will collect information from a broad range of sources which, to the best of its knowledge, judgment and experience it deems reliable. Once gathered, the facts will be analyzed, and the analysis will be used as the basis for recommendations. The Committee will then publish its findings and recommendations; the latter will include which authority is responsible for implementation, together with a realistic timeline.


The CCIA assumes responsibility for follow up with regular periodicity on its recommendations with the implementing bodies, to see what progress has been made. It will again make public its findings related thereto, until the recommendations have been implemented satisfactorily or, if not, it will make public the reasons given by the target implementation body, with a CCIA opinion as to the reasons given. This will be an iterative process of indefinite length.

In no instance is the CCIA a substitute for national law enforcement. Any reports it receives in respect to detection or investigation of individual cases will be reported to the proper authorities.

The CCIA is modeled after similar bodies in Afghanistan and Ukraine. For an understanding of the kinds of reports Moldovan citizens can expect from the Committee, interested members of the public can find such documents online, for Ukraine at, for Afghanistan at


In its first meeting on Tuesday, June 2021, the CCIA determined that one of its first priorities will be to establish a Website to keep the public informed as to its work. Following the establishment of the CCIA on 7 June 2021, the Website will be launched in due course. Another statement will be forthcoming as and when the CCIA initiates its online presence.

To contact the CCIA, please email,, The Committee will reply at its discretion.

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