CCIA Progress Report: Evaluation of the implementation of recommendations from the “Offshore Republic” Report

The Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee (CCIA) launches its Progress Report No. 1 on the report entitled “The Offshore Republic. Review of factors leading to systemic fraud and money laundering in Moldova’s banking, financial and insurance sectors”, issued on 13 July 2022. The Progress Report is available in Romanian and English.

During the follow-up process, CCIA verified the level of implementation of 42 recommendations from the original report, based on the institutions’ reply on the level of implementation. Some of the entities mostly those with weak implementation of the CCIA recommendations took up a defensive position when contacted by the CCIA.

Nevertheless, having in mind that this is the first follow-up and that the institutions only had 6 months after the adoption of the original report, the rate of implementation of 42 recommendations is encouraging:

  • 3 recommendations (7,1%) have been fully implemented;
  • 22 recommendations (52,4%) have been partially implemented;
  • 12 recommendations (28,5%) have not been implemented;

Due to the lack of official responses, the CCIA was not in position to assess the level of implementation for 5 recommendations (11,9%).

CCIA will insist vigorously on the implementation of all remaining recommendations, unless the institutions provide sufficient and grounded reasons that they have dealt with the identified problem in some other acceptable manner. In the current state of affairs, CCIA is aware that this is the first follow-up and Moldovan institutions are only familiarizing themselves with this part of CCIA’s function. For the recommendations, where the implementation deadline exceeds 6 months, CCIA also acknowledges the fact that institutions still have time to comply with the recommendations.

The CCIA will continue to engage with all institutions in order to reach the highest possible level of implementation of recommendations.

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